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Mădălin Sandu




         Conductor of the Argesis Chamber, orchestrator, professor at Dinu Lipatti High School of Arts Pitești, Mădălin Sandu, graduated National University of Music in Bucharest - Faculty of Instrumental Interpretation.

       Since 2000, violinist Mădălin Sandu has been working as an instrumental soloist with the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra in Bucharest, collaborating with other philharmonics in the country (Bucharest, Giurgiu, Sibiu, Ploieşti, Constanţa, Râmnicu-Vâlcea).

        From 2007 he is the concertmaster of the Pitesti Philharmonic Orchestra. He performed numerous recitals and soloist concerts on all the music stages from Romania. He has also performed in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary, South Korea and the Republic of Moldova. He has had important collaborations with the Philharmonic of the Nations and the World Peace Orchestra.

    Mădălin Sandu is not only a talented violinist, but also arranger, orchestrator and conductor, initiator of many spectacular sound projects in Romania - This Is My Song, Tu eşti primăvara mea, Anotimpurile, etc. - and organizer of the ArgesisArt Instrumental Interpretation Contest - a contest with wide reverberation in the educational environment and the result of which is presented to you in the Young Talents Gala Concerts.

      The last important project that he initiated is "Symphonic Jazz" which took place in February 2019, on the stage of the Pitesti Philharmonic.